Aubrey O'Day was having one hell of a time during her New Years' Eve festivities. The Danity Kane member was enlisted to perform at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in Las Vegas. Aubrey turned up and sang for the crowd as planned but things took a stange turn when a birthday cake was brought out after her third song. According to TMZ, the O'Day was asked to sing "Happy Birthday" to Donald Trump Jr. who happens to be a former romantic connection (allegedly). Aubrey, who most likely isn't rocking with her maybe-ex like that anymore, refused to sing the song and the situation escalated to her being escorted out of the venue.

Her refusal was technically fair since this detail was not part of her contract with the club. Sources from the venue say she threw a fit when face with the problem. One of her assistants is also said to have gotten physical with one of the waiters.

The whole event was meant as an elaborate joke. Apparently, Larry Flint hate Donald Trump so having his son's alleged ex-mistress perform was a way to take the spectacle to a whole other level of mockery. Aubrey obviously did not agree with the extend to which they were trying to take the farce.