A number of NBA teams have plans to unveil all-new home court designs in the 2019-20 season, some of which nod to iconic eras in the franchise's history, while others offer an entirely new look as part of their "City Edition" uniforms.

For instance, the Memphis Grizzlies will be sporting teal "Classic Edition" throwback uniforms from the Vancouver era next season and they've got a court to match. Likewise, the Utah Jazz will be bringing back the mountain range hardwood design next season as they throw it back to the Stockton and Malone era of the mid-90s for their "Classic Edition" uniform.

Meanwhile, it looks as though the Atlanta Hawks will introduce brand new "City Edition" uniforms next season that nod to the Peach State. The jerseys have not yet been revealed but leaked images of the court surfaced on Friday, giving fans an idea of what the overall color scheme will look like.