A$AP Rocky is keeping us on our toes in anticipation for an upcoming album. 

Although he released Cozy Tapes Vol 2 with his mob, Rocky's last album drop was 2015’s At. Long. Last. ASAP. 

Posted up in London at the retail giant Selfridges promoting his New York style bodega pop-up shop that sells candy, merchandise, pencils and Yamborghini High notebooks, Rocky gave details on his soon to drop project.

It's assumed that some of the work, if not all of it, is being recorded in London, as Rocky tells Standard that it's one of his favourite spots to do music. 

“It’s just special to me for some reason. I’m just… I express myself way better when I’m in an environment that allows me to be. When I’m here, for the most part, I’m in a peaceful, creative environment and I’m testing the waters and making new music, messing around with new sounds and anything that’s innovative.”

He adds that he's been working with the Konnichiwa rapper, Skepta “just exchanging energy and vibes in a brotherly way” adding that the new album will "sounds futuristic."

“This new album is just basically like all my albums: evolved,” he adds. “They’ve been missing me, they’ve been waiting for me, they need some new music, they need some new sounds, new waves, new swag, new everything. And who’s the man you go to for that? Yours truly. So I’m back, like I never left.”

For the remainder of the time Rocky's in London he says he'll be keeping busy with his usual, detailing "recording my album, staying in my room. Writing video treatments, coming up with campaign plans and marketing plans for my companies, my entities.’

In terms of always staying on board with his creative ideas and not letting anyone take over, such as his London pop-up, Rocky says it's mandatory.

"Because if not, it won’t be my aesthetic, you know? I have a certain etiquette in the way I work. So for me it’s like... it’s not my way or the highway, but I’m just very adamant about what I want. And I know what I want."

Let us know who you guys wanna hear on A$AP's album.