Ever since he rose to fame, A$AP Rocky has been satisfied describing himself as a "pretty motherfucker." The self-proclaimed "Fashion Killa" has broken down walls and started too many trends to keep count of. In his music, he's been pretty experimental as of late. Testing was a risky project that ultimately ended up as a hit-or-miss with most people. Rocky's comfort when it comes to experimentation stands at music and fashion though because he seemed pretty taken aback when one of his male fans lusted over him in a viral video.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The fan starts out by admitting he's not on "no gay shit" but that he's stable enough to admit that Rocky is a handsome dude. "This particular n***a right here, that's one sexy ass n***a," he says. "Bro if I was a girl, legs wide open." The rapper wasn't tagged directly in the post but he managed to catch wind of it, reposting it onto his own page and telling everyone to settle down. "NAH, BRUH GOTTA CHILL B , LMAO," commented the AWGE member. 

The video appears to have been taken out of context as the man claims to have been referring to himself in the clip. However, it's a lot funnier when A$AP Rocky is meme'd in.