People love to argue on the internet, especially about rap. For this reason, almost anything can cause a debate between fans of the genre, often dividing old-heads and hype beasts. The latest thing to spark discussion online is a list that's been passed around, dividing a number of rappers into descending categories like "Elite," "Talented but not elite," "Legends past their prime," "Underrated," "Overrated," and of course, everyone's favorite, "Trash."

This time, it's not only fans taking offense to the rankings. ASAP Rocky seems to have caught word that he fell into the "overrated" category, and naturally, he wasn't pleased.

He then proceeded to retweet fans coming to his defense.

As for where the list originated, it's not entirely clear. It's been passed around on various hip-hop related accounts on Instagram and Twitter, but no one seems to be stepping up to claim ownership. Whoever it is, they'll have to answer to Rocky.