Ironically enough, A$AP Rocky's Injured Generation tour was the cause of injury, during the rapper's concert shelling in San Antonio - and althoughFlacko's performances are generally noted for a high-voltage of energy, the Freeman Coliseum wasn't properly set up to ensure a safe "mosh pit" experience for the predominantly Gen Z crowd. To his credit, inducing a mosh pit isn't as easy as it was at "The Roxy" in 1979 - much respect due.

A$AP Rocky, innocent of any wrongdoing, did, however, play a role in inciting the crowd. "San Antonio, what the f*** is up!?," yelled Rocky to a raucous response. Further evidence of A$APs punkish tendencies occurred at the midway mark of the show when the PA started up "Gunz N Butter," signaling the rapper's descent from a hoisted crane. And get this: Rocky is running on pure exuberance - dude hasn't had a lick to drink in over 22 days.

A detailed account of the "mosh pit incident," as it stands, was written up by an NBC-affiliated journalist. His account goes a little something like this - "Rocky called for the fans in their paid seats to unify with those in the lower ground level general admission area to join together for a large mosh-pit. I was almost tempted to rush down along the others, however, I saw myself right across from Rocky. Then remembered, he is safely on stage as I was in my seat, he and I are both about a year apart in age." - Jamie Barrientos

From the looks of things, no one was actually hurt. Just another false alarm by an "out of touch" OLDIE. Needless to say, Rocky & his fans were united in their defiance of authority. The security guards never stood a chance.