A$AP Rocky has been home for a number of weeks now and, as his new Instagram post shows, is certainly enjoying his freedom. Rocky posted a total of five pictures today with the caption, “NIGHT OUT IN DA CITY 😎🤘🏾,” a reference to being in his hometown of New York. 

Perhaps, most noteworthy from the post is the opening picture. Here, Rocky shows off his new nails. They’ve been freshly painted, all with different images. Some bare the heat of flames while others have the American flag, words, and more. 

Some fans are hating on Rocky, calling the move feminine. One user wrote, “Men slowly turning into women!” On the other hand, others defended the rapper. “Watch everybody callin' you gay because you have a taste & sense for fashion. hate society and expectations, keep doing you rocky,” another user wrote. One user decided to hate on Flacko for receiving help from Trump writing, “How does it feel to be one of trumps schemes to get votes? Fuck A$AP you sold out you used to be worth listening to but you stay talkin bullshit on tracks fallowing the same clout riding ass path everyone is on. You could be fixing the game or making it better but naw you writing shit about Gucci and iced out watches and shit.”

For now, Rocky is just trying to enjoy his life. Check out his newest track here.