During his first five months out of the womb, Asahd Khaled has already become an executive producer, responsible for overseeing star-studded collaborations like "I'm the One," and whatever else will appear on his dad's next album. It turns out he's just as ambitious when it comes to his love life. Asahd is already busy courting the baddest chick in the game. 

The flirting began when Nicki reacted to a picture of Asahd enjoying his first swimming lesson. "I wanna eat his cute face & chin," Nicki wrote on Twitter. Asahd then went on Instagram and told his followers (all 600,000 of them) of his plans to wed the Young Money queen. Apparently they met when he was just three weeks old, but even at that young age, Asahd understood the concept of love at first sight. 

Expect Nicki and her young suitor to be spending more time together in the near future. She's one of the many stars who has confirmed an appearance on Grateful