In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, Kanye West briefly mentioned Arsenio Hall, alluding to the fact that there were racial implications to the cancellation of Hall's 1994 talk show. While he did not go into detail, Yeezy was likely referring to a controversial interview Hall conducted with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, which created tension between Arsenio and NBC shortly before the show was axed. 

Hall, who is now back on the air, has responded to the comments, arguing that his departure from the show was of his own accord. "I know what you heard that in the barber shop, but I just left my show, the white man didn't do nothing this time," he said. "Save that for when the white man does do something. Don't muddy the waters of racism with my bullshit."

Arsenio then went on to criticize Ye's use of the word slave in his recent single, saying that someone in Ye's position doesn't have the right to re-contextualize the word.

"I hate the word ‘slave’ used in songs." he exclaimed. "The fuck outta here. Do you know what that word is? Do you know what that word is all about? Nobody can use ‘slave’ in pop culture. If you’re in the music business, you shouldn’t fuck with that word. Too serious an era. Too serious a problem in America. There is no one that’s free to move around this country that should use the word ‘slave.’ Do you know what it meant to slaves?"

Watch Arsenio's full interview below.