Singer Ari Lennox has been dedicating her extra time during the pandemic year to cleaning up her lifestyle, something she has shared with her followers heavily on her Instagram. She was already known for being a confident queen before focusing on her health, so losing weight as part of the process, is only making her stronger in that department. 

And, as time goes on, Lennox has been slowly but surely been getting more comfortable with posting spicy content, as she rebrands a bit, and shows off her new look. That being said, she stunned the world on Wednesday morning when she posted photos on Instagram rocking a grey Christian Dior bikini while sitting poolside. 

Ari set the mood with a short and to-the-point caption: "All Night Long - SWV," leaving the world to fill in the gaps themselves, mainly by way of their impressed reactions. These reactions were not relegated to Instagram, but across the web-- most notably, Twitter had a lot to say about this particular post.

While some people are in awe of Lennox and genuinely admire how incredible she looks...

Others can’t help but talk about how it feels as though she’s only getting this much praise right now because she lost weight. This led to a few people pointing out that it’s messed up that women don’t get treated well unless they look a certain way, even if they also looked fine before making an effort to change their physical appearance. 

Either way, the glow-up is real, clearly. Outdated beauty standards aside, Ari deserves all the praise in the world for all the hard work she put into her body to look this good. 

Check out Ari serving up the confidence we all need here.