Aretha Franklin passed away last August, and the entire world mourned her death as the Queen of Soul. Franklin has one of the most storied careers in all of music. She's toured the world and became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She won 18 Grammys in her lifetime, including two legacy awards. The accolades on her resume would take hours to dissect, and her influence in the music industry is undeniable. When Franklin passed away, her estate was thrust into a battle with the IRS, who claimed that she owed millions in back taxes. Now, TMZ reports that Franklin's assets were stolen previous to her passing. 

Law enforcement sources tell the media site a criminal probe discovered that someone had been using Aretha's funds. The exact amount that had been siphoned and used was not disclosed. The original report pertaining to the funds was filed last June, just two months before Franklin passed away. The investigation into Franklin's funds will continue, but the IRS and legal fees threaten to take whatever money her estate has stored away. Hopefully, law enforcement will catch the thief and help bring a little solace to those handling Franklin's estate.