Elliot Wilson, who currently works as the editorial director of Tidal, just posted this concise, yet hype-inducing tweet:

While this could very well be a red herring (perhaps it's the theme of Wilson's latest Tidal playlist), the internet has been quick to point out that Jay Z has been increasingly active of late. The mogul's appearance at his Made In America festival has fueled speculation that Jay's thirteenth studio album is on the horizon. 

Nas is also on the verge of dropping something new, promising a brand new album later this year. As for Cole, he's been riding the hype of his 2016 release 4 Your Eyez Only, along with his documentary of the same name. While there is no official word on a collaboration from these three lyrical beasts, Elliot clearly knew what kind of hype storm his tweet would create. 

It would appear something is in the works, and if so, who do you think would have the best verse?