Rumors are circulating online suggesting that there could be a collaboration brewing between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Many have presumed there to be a longstanding beef between the two rappers, though much of that narrative is likely the result of the media being unable to resist the temptation of pitting the game's two biggest stars against one another. In any case, dropping a song together would lay to rest any rumors of bad blood between the camps at OVO and TDE

Word of a potential collab with Kendrick started after Drake posted a picture of a sculpture of a hand making a signal that looks like the number 6, much like the cover art to his latest single, "Summer Sixteen." In between the model hand's middle and ring fingers is a stack of $2 bills, a rarity for anyone familiar with U.S. currency, including the Canadian rap star. 

At first glance, Drake's Instagram post doesn't seem to be anything exceptional, though as luck would have it, Kendrick Lamar was also recently seen clutching a stack of $2 bills (with his actual hands) during footage taken from a recent recording session

What's even more rare than the elusive bank notes are collaborations between the two best rappers from each of the neighboring North American nations, the most recent one being "Poetic Justice," which appeared on 2012's good kid, m.A.A.d. city. It would be hard for the pair to top that effort, though whatever they've got for us next will certainly be a thing of rare beauty. 

So, is it merely coincidence that Drake and Kendrick have each been spotted wielding stacks of $2 bills? Need further convincing? Well, as a moderator of the KTT forum pointed out, via his Twitter account, Drake and TDE CEO Anthony Tiffith sat courtside together at a Clippers game in November. The evidence is still far from incontrovertible, though these initial rumors have got us excited for what could be the collaboration of the year.