Antonio Brown has had a tumultuous month for a plethora of reasons but when it comes to everything happening on the field, there have certainly been some positives. Brown is playing for the New England Patriots and when he took to the field in his first game, AB was wearing a brand new number. Patriots tight end Ben Watson already wears Brown's signature 84 which means the star wide receiver had to change his uniform. In the end, Brown picked the number 17 but no one really knew why. 

Last night, Brown posted to his YouTube page where he reveals his father Eddie was his inspiration to pick that number. His dad played in the Arena Football League and that's the number he wore throughout his career. 

“You know, my dad always inspired me, you know what I mean? From his work ethic, following commitment. No. 17, you know, I’ve seen that guy make a lot of touchdowns, dedicated his life, sacrificed his life. We got so much similarities, our charisma, the way we approach the field," Brown explained. “Seeing me and seeing my dad is like seeing two identical guys. It’s kind of rare. You know it’s like seeing your son but more so like your brother. You know, our mannerisms, the way we approach the game, the way we make people feel. A lot of similarities between me and my dad. I’m glad he’s my dad.”

Over the past few seasons, Brown has proven himself as one of the best wide receivers in the game and this season, he's well on his way to doing the same thing. If the league lets him play, the Patriots are in for a huge year.