Antonio Brown is one of the most interesting men in the NFL and it's all thanks to his various antics and exploits. The NFL wide receiver is currently being investigated by the league over some sexual assault allegations and he won't be reinstated until the investigation is finished. There is no telling what Brown's future will be at this point although he appears to be scatterbrained about it all. For instance, Brown recently went on a Twitter rant where he called out various people within the NFL and even made it seem like he doesn't want to play for the league again.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brown, it seems like there are plenty of teams who still want him. According to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, if Brown were to just stay quiet, there would be a whole lineup of teams trying to secure his services.

Eric Espada/Getty Images

“There are teams disgusted by what he’s doing. He is drawing a lot of interest, [but] a lot of teams wish he would just shut up,” an anonymous general manager said.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Brown although for now, it remains one of the most interesting stories of the entire NFL season.