For the last few months, Antonio Brown has been the most fascinating story in the entire NFL. The superstar wide receiver was cut from both the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots as allegations and antics began to destroy his reputation. He is still being investigated by the NFL and is waiting for a decision before he can get back into the league. Brown has made numerous apologies over the last little while as an attempt to get himself back in good standing with the league.

Today, it appears as though Brown has undone all of that good thanks to his latest Twitter rant which takes shots at multiple people. Brown started off by putting the NFL on blast for keeping players in their league who have rape and domestic abuse charges against them. AB says he only has allegations against him, yet is treated unfairly. From there, Brown went on to lash out at Ben Roethlisberger for both his play and his past. Brown even made sure to throw a shot at the XFL for good measure.

Needless to say, it appears as though Brown has quite a few axes to grind right now and he continues to be upset about his treatment from the league that used to worship him. If Brown wants to play in the NFL again, this rant might make that goal a lot more difficult.