Amandla Stenberg has been hailed as a great role model for the youth based on progressive ideals. The actor, who uses "they" pronouns, has been vocal in their fight against discrimination, especially in relation to race. In one instance, Amandla said they would have turned down a role in Black Panther because dark-skinned actors should be represented more prominently in the film. Despite this seemingly definite moral compass, Stenberg decided to star in a movie that the public is describing as being sympathetic to Nazis.

John Phillips/Getty Images 

They play the lead role, a young Black woman who falls in love with a member of the "Hitler youth."Although the unlikely romance came out in September, "Where Hands Touch" hit popular streaming services this month. People who have watched the movie online have caused a second wave of criticism, one that is causing a bigger stir than the initial reaction. Fans are not rocking with this project at all. 

The movie's production had recently decided to take action against their naysayers. Many critiques who have attached clips of the film to unfavorable comments have had their content deleted. In some cases, accounts have been suspended by Twitter.

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