Alex Caruso is one of the most enigmatic figures in the NBA, through no fault of his own. All Caruso has done is be himself, play his role, and get big buckets when the Los Angeles Lakers need him to. Caruso has been referred to as the "Bald Mamba" and LeBron James even calls him the GOAT from time to time. His unassuming appearance is the reason for all of these jokes but in a weird way, they all have their own level of sincerity. At the end of the day, Caruso is becoming a folk hero and the NBA is better off because of it.

Last night, Caruso and the Lakers took on the Golden State Warriors at the Chase Center and came through with a 116-86 victory. Unfortunately for Caruso, he wasn't able to do much as he scored a whopping zero points and missed two free throws in the process. In the midst of one of his free throw attempts, Caruso received some playful ribbing from the crowd as Warriors fans chanted "MVP."

Caruso has received MVP chants in the passed although they typically come from the Lakers crowd who are doing it out of support. In the end, Caruso got the last laugh as his team won the game and are now 45-12 which is good enough for first place in the Western Conference. We're sure the win softened the blow of sarcastically being called the Most Valuable Player.