During last night's Sunday Night Football broadcast featuring the Giants and Denver Broncos, NBC Sports' veteran broadcaster Al Michaels made an off-color joke comparing the Giants to disgraced film producer, Harvey Weinstein. 

Amid New York's shocking 23-10 win over the Broncos in Denver, Al Michaels said,

“I mean, let’s face it. The Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein and they’re up 14 points.”

You can check out the clip below.

Weinstein has of course been in the news recently, as dozens of women in the entertainment industry have come out and accused him of sexual harassment, sexual assault or other sexual misconduct. 

Al Michaels later issued an apology during the fourth quarter, saying, “Sorry I made a reference before, trying to be flip about someone obviously much in the news across the country, and it was not meant in that manner.”

Check out some of the immediate reactions to Al Michaels joke about the Giants and Harvey Weinstein below.