To say Ronaldo-Mania has hit the banks of Italy would be an understatement. Adidas who has designed the Juventus kit for some time now, has reported that over 520,000 jerseys have been sold in a 24 period through their online shop. Business Insider has spared us the mental arithmetic, calculating $62.4 million in total sales at a cost of $120 per tunic.

In other words, Juventus has recouped nearly half of the transfer fee they paid to secure his services from Real Madrid. The final number both clubs agreed upon is believed to have been £99.2 million or roughly $129.3 million. Unfortunately since soccer clubs only rake in 10-15% (negotiated rate) of revenue generate from jersey sales, Juventus will only see between $6 and 9 million of that frenzied spending spree.

While Adidas is the kit sponsor for Juventus and countless other clubs (including Real Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo is signed to an endorsement deal with Nike, and is thereby contractually obliged to wear his sponsors' cleats on the field of play.

And yet, Juventus is still reeling from having signed a player of his magnitude. Not even club legend Pavel Nedved was welcomed with this much excitement. Enjoy it while it lasts Juventus fans. In total, £230,00 Million has been dispensed by high level soccer clubs that acquired his services, names that include Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United.