The BET Awards weekend has come to an end, but the talk that resulted from the hip-hop awards show is still happening. Ace Hood has been one of the most talked about artists that attended the event, not because he won an award, but because the bezel on his Rolex watch broke live on the red carpet. 

During an interview with Bow Wow and Angela Simmons on the red carpet, Ace Hood noticed the bezel on his watch break, before stopping to collect the pieces and attempt to put it back together (to no avail).

The footage of Ace's watch breaking has since been widely circulated, and Ace decided to speak on the incident in an interview with Mando Fresko. TheTrials & Tribulationsrapper says that he was stunned when that happened.

"When you spend so much money on a watch, certain things are not supposed to happen," Ace said in his interview on Power 106. "My jeweler, I definitely had to fire the jeweler. He going through it, man."

Ace Hood continued to express his disbelief at the whole situation. 

"I spent $60,000 on that watch, man. I was just as shocked as everybody else was when it did happen," Ace said. "It never happened to any of my other watches or anything. I looked up. I ain't even know what it was. I figured it was my bracelet. It wasn't no thing, though."

Ace Hood brushed off the incident, saying it's just another story. "People just talking, I let 'em continue talking, it's no biggie to me," Ace said. "It ain't even that serious. So at the end of the day when I looked down, I'm like, man, things happen, we all got stories, I ain't the only artist who got stories, so this'll be a story we'll always remember."

Listen to Ace's full interview below, where he also discusses performing at the BET Awards.


Peep the video footage of the moment Ace's watch decided to break below.