Is Drake's dad stirring the pot or attempting to quell rampant rumors? Champagne Papi's father was out at Bootsy Bellows on the Sunset Strip, getting filmed by the paparazzi, when he had to field some questions about his son's apparent relationship with superstar Rihanna. RiRi and Drake, also known as #Aubrih cause every couple needs a joint nickname, haven't come out and said anything, but they've been leaving rather obvious hints that they are now an item. 

To backpeddle a little, first there was Drake confessing his love on the MTV VMAs stage. Then there was a late-night selfie of the two. A possible date at Nobu. Then there was some Miami nightclub PDA. Following that, the two shared an on-stage kiss. Finally, it was reported last week that Rihanna got new ink paying homage to her first date with Drizzy. What does all this mean? According to Drake's dad, nothing. They're just friends.

"They're friends, they been friends for years," he says of the two. When asked if Drake is about to settle down now that he's cuffed RiRi, Dennis Graham continues, "I dunno about settling down. They're friends."

"There is no relationship, they're friends," he says again. Take a look at the clip via TMZ below.