Ab-Soul has shared a tribute to his close friend, TDE affiliate Doe Burger, who passed away a couple of weeks ago

"Literally my other half.. This sh*t is unbearable," said the 34-year-old rapper on Instagram, sharing many of his favorite pictures with Doe Burger from over the years. "I’ve been avoiding doing this because I know it would make it real. Nonetheless, I gotta show the world how much you mean to me and I will continue to! My brother, thank you for everything. Rest EZ, I got us from here. Love you. HUEY & RILEY 47EVER!!!"

Ab-Soul has been forced to say goodbye to some of his closest friends over the course of the decade. Back in 2012, singer Alori Joh passed away from suicide. The TDE-affiliated artist was close to Ab-Soul. Years later, Soulo's collaborator, rapper Mac Miller, passed away from an accidental drug overdose. And at the end of last year, Doe Burger died from unknown circumstances. This has to be heartbreaking for Ab-Soul to process and we're sending him, as well as Doe Burger's friends and family, love and positivity as they remember his impact.

Read through Ab-Soul's tribute to his friend below and send some love in the comments.