In just a few weeks from now, Aaron Carter will be fighting against former NBA star Lamar Odom in a boxing match that already has fans scratching their heads in confusion. There is a huge weight and height difference between the two, and considering Odom was a professional athlete, it seems clear that Carter could be in for some serious punishment. Regardless, Carter has been training hard for the event and he periodically posts videos of himself in the ring.

Recently, however, Carter went down thanks to a body shot from fellow sparring partner Ian Feiner. The footage of the takedown was acquired by The Jason Ellis Show and was eventually posted to YouTube. In the footage below, you can see that Carter was in a lot of pain and that he seemed to be out of his element.

Aaron Carter

JC Olivera/Getty Images

With the fight going down on June 11th, Carter doesn't have much time to get composed and back into the ring. Having said that, the fight against Odom promises a decent payday, and we're sure he will be looking to maintain his contractual obligations. With this in mind, Odom could very well be doing the Birdman hand rub knowing his opponent is in a weakened state.

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