Today, Deadline has reported that director F. Gary Gray (Straight Outta Compton) is in the process of developing a cinematic adaptation of the outlandish video game series Saints Row. The games, which have spawned four installments, centers around the Third Street Saints and their quest for hood dominance. It's unclear whether the film will be borrowing from existing plot points or simply drawing inspiration from the rich setting - either way, all signs point to this one moving forward. 

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images 

One has to wonder, however, if Saints Row can separate itself from the lingering "video game movie" curse that seems to permeate. From Super Mario Bros to Bloodrayne to the doomed and sunk Bioshock to the non-Persian-led Prince Of Persia, video game flicks have proven time and time again to misfire across the board. While there's occasionally charm to such films as Silent Hill and Resident Evil, we have yet to see an effort even remotely resembling...a good movie. Many gamers have been left wondering whether such film adaptations are even needed at all. With excellent voice acting from performers like Nolan North and Troy Baker, many video games already feature compelling and well-realized narratives as it stands. 

And yet, F. Gary Gray is a capable director, and one has to wonder whether such a zany franchise as Saint's Row might spark a few creative brainstorming sessions in the writer's room, at the very least. Do you have any expectations for this, if and when it does arrive?