When NBA star basketball player Michael Jordan teamed up with Nike in 1984 and launched his Air Jordan brand the following year, unbeknownst to former Chicago Bulls shooting guard, he was making history. Consisting of sneakers as well as athletic apparel, the Jordan Brand has grown over the last thirty years into a widely successful brand. The sneakers being at the forefront of the brands sales have lead, to not only a high demand for the stylish kicks, but has allowed the brands popularity to cross over into pop culture as well as mainstream music. The hip-hop world's reception to the sneakers has been favorable, and the majority of hip-hop artists own at least a few pairs of the shoes-- they are enthusiastic to the point where many have included Air Jordan references in their songs, some even going as far as dedicating entire tracks to the trendy sneakers.

Here we present you with a brief history of Jordan references in hip-hop songs from artists such as 2Pac to Rick Ross. Let us know your favorite quotable referencing Jordans in the comment section.