Cam'ron Questions Mase's Motives In Becoming A Pastor

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Cam has pointed to a YouTube documentary on the subject.

Cam'ron's beef with Mase just got a little weirder. Cam has posted a clip from a YouTube documentary called False Teacher Mason Betha, which attempts to build an argument that Mase was a "false teacher," becoming a pastor to run a con on his followers. It splices an old interview with Mase in which he explains that "no matter who I'm communicating with, long as I smile, I get away with it," into clips from his sermons about prosperity. It's not the strongest reasoning, but Cam has decided to bring it to the attention of fans either way. "Smh shit brazy. N***a ran a Ponzi," he said, before mocking Mase's Rick Flair-esque "WOO" in the clip.

In an Instagram live address back in March, Cam had a different take on Mase's decision to walk away from music and become a pastor in 1999. According to Cam, Mase was primarily looking to escape violence and fame. "Ma$e said, 'You know what I'mma just start saying I'm in church.' Ma$e took it too far though, started preaching, all that shit," he said. "I see what he was doing with that shit. He was like, 'You know what? N***as ain't gon' muthafuckin' harass me if I'm in church.' That's what Ma$e did. He was like, 'Yo, they can't beef with me, they can't ask me for nothing, I'm going to throw on a reverend collar and get the fuck out of here, fuck that.'"

Prior to this post, Cam previewed a retaliation to Mase's diss track "The Oracle," where he responded to a claim that he slept with his own sister. “I aint gotta a sister, the only sister I fucked was yours,” he raps. “Do what you must do, Me I'm getting my just due / but who you talking tough too?, Blinky just snuffed you.”

Cam reignited beef with Mase on "It's Killa," a track from his recent mixtape The Program.

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