Following Nintendo’s relaunch of their classic NES Classic Edition, it was a matter of what they’d do next. Nintendo is the OG of video game consoles. They’ve revamped, re-modeled and have continuously innovated the world of video games. Through generations, many have fond memories over the classic consoles. The rising popularity of nostalgic video games over the past several years have created a demand fo the original Nintendo systems. So it made sense that last year, they capitalized on it and re-released the console. Today, they take it to another level and launch their long-awaited mini-form of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition.

The new console is a smaller, more compact version of the classic video game console. Many retailers have stocked up on it in anticipation for the large demand. The console is a little nostalgia for anyone who has been waiting. The SNES Classic Edition features some of the most classic games in Nintendo history. The game line-up so far only consists of 21 games but they are all fire. Games like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island, Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Super Metroid, & Mega Man X among others are built into the SNES console.

Starting at $79.99, you could get your hands on it to. It’s definitely in vein with his predecessor. Along with the built in games, it also contains new features. The console gives you the options of rewinding and replaying sections during your game play.

The console is in the same size range as the NES Classic. However, it does give you the option for two-player gaming, something the NES Classic didn’t have. Along with this, it also gives you three different options for game resolution. There’s a 4:3 mode, CRT mode, if you’re trying to go back in time of the tube TV era and Pixel Perfect mode, which show the game in it’s original format. It’s definitely going to be a hot commodity during the holiday season, so start planning ahead if you’re looking to cop it.

Check the flick of the console & games below: