At the beginning of April, many fans began worrying that XO and Republic signees 88GLAM's music career was in jeopardy, with rumors of a break-up and recurring label trouble threatening to derail the release of their 88GLAM 2 follow-up. And while the coronavirus pandemic ultimately prompted their upcoming album Close To Heaven Far From God to be delayed, the breakup rumors persisted, fueled by the narrative that inner conflict was driving the duo of Derek Wise and 88 Camino apart.


Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Now, however, the Toronto group has officially come forward to put their foot down on the matter. Taking to Twitter, 88 Camino laid down the law and stated quite plainly that "no 88GLAM isn’t breaking up." A succinct yet to the point take on a topic that has been plaguing them for a minute, and while we don't have any further details on their next endeavor, it certainly bodes well for them to be moving as a cohesive unit once again. 

It should be noted that as of now, 88GLAM is set to remain with XO Records. Back in November of 2018, the pair spoke with HNHH for an installment of On The Come Updescribing their experience working with The Weeknd's label. "They let us make the music we want to make. They trust us creatively. We have creative control over all of our stuff," explained Camino. "Even when it comes to like music videos and stuff, they're like, 'Who do you guys want to work with?' They just want to see our vision -- us capture our vision. They're like 'we're going to give you guys the resources, but just do you.'"

Keep an eye out for more developments on 88GLAM as they surface. Do you feel relieved by this development?