Rihanna has been heavy in the headlines lately, however it has been for basically everything except music. The singer and, at this point, mogul, recently launched a new beauty and makeup line, on top of which, she monopolized New York Fashion Week with her PUMA x FENTY collaborative show, she again took over the media feed with her annual Diamond Ball fundraiser, and most recently, she revealed a new cleated creeper for PUMA that has an ankle strap (yay or nay?? I’m with it).

Despite how much branding she’s been doing with her last name, which is, of course, FENTY, it seems like some so-called RiRi fans didn’t know where ‘Fenty’ came from– or what it means. Twitter obviously had a field day with these poor souls who didn’t realize (or even take the time to google?) that Rihanna’s last name is actually Fenty. Now Rihanna is getting in on the fun too. If there’s one thing we know about RiRi’s personality, it’s that she’s playful and often makes jokes, but at the same time, she will not take any shit. She will put a fan or would-be fan in their place in an instant, if it’s necessary. In this case, her response to those who have just discovered the roots of the word ‘Fenty’ is on the playful side.

The singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram, giving hella side-eyes as she looks down and generally looks unimpressed, with the all too appropriate caption: “when people ask how I came up with #FENTY.” It’s not only funny, it would seem to be a very accurate representation of the reaction to that question.

Take a look below.


In related FENTY Beauty news, Rihanna has unveiled her holiday collection (it’s already that time, apparently), which debuts on October 13th. Her Fenty x Puma AW17 Collection, the line which debuted at NYFW, will see a release on September 28th. Which Rihanna FENTY products will you be copping? Check out a preview of the holiday makeup collection below.

The video post contains new music too with RiRi’s vocals, which leads us to wonder if music will be the next business move for the busy singer?



Rihanna Gives Side Eye To Those Discovering Her Last Name