The iPhone 8 was available to Apple users not too long ago, and already, some wanted to skip out on the purchase to grab Apple’s next phone release. Apple already revealed its upcoming iPhone x that will say goodbye to the home button, will say hello to Face ID, has a high-power camera and a bigger battery. But beyond the iPhone x, that is supposed to be available later this month, is the newly rumoured iPhone that will boast bendable features. 

Mashable reports that Apple is recruiting a team that can provide its users with a foldable phone that will still be able to fit perfectly in your pocket. The publication notes that this kind of high-tech protocol, that will do so much more than the past flip phones, is not new. In fact, LG has apparently been working on a similar design for about 10 years now. 

A design like this, that is said be available in 2020, may have us looking back at our current phones the same way we look at the first iPod shuffle. It will be a completely new path for the iPhone and may be moving us closer to no longer needing laptops. Think about it, a phone that bends in half means that once it’s open it’s double the size. 

Apple recently introduced a new spec where you can get playlists and song suggestions based on your emojis. Using Facebook Messenger, you can type an emoji into the interface then playlists, albums and/or artists that match up to that given icon will be sent back to you. The new tool can’t be used to its full potential unless you are a paying Apple Music subscriber. Watch how it works below.

It’s also worth noting that you can still input a text-based search and Apple will still supply a good selection. This new feature is seemingly a way for Apple to catch up to Spotify, as they have a similar feature with the Messenger app since last Spring. 


Apple Working On Launching A Bendable iPhone