Have you ever expressed your love for a particular song with using words? Has a killer beat or a piece of lyrical genius caused you to respond to it using something akin to the “heart eyes” emoji in a text or social media post? If that's the case, Apple’ Music has made a new addition to Facebook Messenger that will allow you to receive recommendations in return for all that emoji love you spread on behalf of the tunes you love. may be the technical innovation you’ve been waiting for. 

As seen in the video below, the popular Facebook messaging app has a new update that now includes an Apple Music recommendation bot. It's really as simple as it sounds - type an emoji into the interface and playlists, albums and/or artists that match up to that given icon will be sent back to you. Check out some more of the details below.

It's worth noting that some of the emojis don't work particularly well. For example, using the "poop" icon won't necessarily yield playlists or albums that are total s**t, while the eggplant emoji isn't likely to send you music that will get you in the mood, as it were. However, not all is lost in this regard: you can still input a text-based search and Apple Music's bot will hit you with some recommendations pronto. It's an offshoot of the service's impressive library and ability to tailor the experience of their consumer, but it comes at a price.

Unfortunately, you cannot use this new Facebook messenger feature to stream complete songs if you're not a paid subscriber on Apple Music's platform. Instead, you'll be fed the usual 30-second preview clips. For debate and song identification purposes though, this new addition to the Facebook interface is a welcome one. It's also a move that is likely borne out of playing catch-up with Spotify, who has already been a part of Messenger's app since the spring of this year. There's no word on whether any exclusive content will be distributed through the social network via Apple Music as a result of this new partnership.