BIGBABYGUCCI Spits Flames On Alien-Like "Balenciaga Store Closed"

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bigbabygucci balenciaga store closedbigbabygucci balenciaga store closed
The Charlotte native is gearing up to make a huge splash soon.

BIGBABYGUCCI is one artist that is someone you need to be paying close attention to out of the underground scene. The guy is bringing some otherworldly beats to the table that will transport you to another dimension. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, GUCCI has not received a lot of coverage here on the site unfortunately. But he is gaining a lot of momentum as of late. The eight-year veteran is inching closer and closer to releasing his new project BABY 5, which will supersede the 2023's When You Go To Sleep. Over the weekend, BIGBABYGUCCI offered up a track from it called "Balenciaga Store Closed".

This track provides tons of flexes and violence over space-like instrumental that is wavy beyond belief. There are also some fun bars peppered throughout the single as well, lending some sticky lines. "She want some d**k, girl, leave me alone / I'm gone to the bread, you know I'm a dog / She hop in the bed, she just like a frog". Besides "Balenciaga Store Closed" being a great taster to the album, BABY 5 is also a big deal for other reasons. This is coming right off the heels of his own label's first project Better Temperatures, Vol. 1. Things are definitely going well for GUCCI, and they will be even more so on July 15.

Listen To "Balenciaga Store Closed" By BIGBABYGUCCI

Quotable Lyrics:

All-black mask, n**** I feel like I'm Darth Vader
Hit his leg, arm, shoulder, make him do the macarena
And my cup so toxic
I'll see you later in this V8 turbo, I'ma skrrt on a hater
And no—ain't nobody like me
I'm BABY 5, baby, all these n****s gon' try to hype me

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