Kim Porter's Alleged Friend Kola Boof Threatens To "Obliterate" Cassie & Diddy If They Sue

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Kola Boof says she's "here for Kim."

After the disturbing footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie in 2016 surfaced online last week, Kim Porter's alleged friend Kola Boof took to Twitter/X to weigh in. Boof is a Sudanese author, poet, and activist, and accuses Diddy of abusing Porter throughout their relationship. She went viral for her shocking claims and has since fiercely defended her right to speak her alleged truth.

In a Tweet shared earlier today, Boof explained that she's on Cassie's side amid fallout from the footage. She's received some backlash from social media users following her accusation that the singer was complicit in Porter's alleged abuse. According to her, she hopes that Cassie gets the justice she deserves, and in no way doubts that she's a victim.

Kola Boof Says She's "Here For Kim"

Boof also went on to note, however, that nobody will stop her from sharing Porter's story. "My heart goes out to CASSIE. The abuse she's endured is horrible. I hope she gets more victories against Diddy," she wrote. "But if she tries to sue me for speaking up for KIM PORTER--I will obliterate her. Point blank. And that goes for DIDDY too. I'm here for Kim." Clearly, Boof's not looking to be silenced, and she'll stop at nothing to expose the abuse Porter allegedly faced at the hands of Diddy.

One of Boof's more unsettling insinuations, made last week on Twitter/X, was that Diddy allegedly had something to do with the model's unexpected 2018 death. According to her, "Pneumonia can be faked so easily by a Doctor or by The Morgue." What do you think of Kim Porter's alleged friend Kola Boof threatening to "obliterate" Diddy and Cassie if either of them tries to take legal action against her? What about all of the shocking allegations she's made about Diddy over the past few days? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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