JP, feardorian, JaeyBxrd, Papo2oo4, & SVDP: Artists To Listen To Right Now

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These three upcoming artists took our attention this month.

Every single month, HNHH comes through with a feature containing lesser-known artists that you need to check out right now. Overall, it is an attempt to help our readers expand their horizons and catch onto new artists before they blow up. Furthermore, sometimes, we steer our readers toward artists who they may have missed, despite their current virality. Whatever the case, discovering new music is a whole lot of fun, and in April, our staff got together to talk about some of their favorite under-the-radar releases of the last 30 days. From viral tracks to underground darlings, there is a lot of great music to get to.

JP - "Bad Bitty"

First up, we have JP, a college basketball player from Milwaukee who is making waves in the city's burgeoning rap scene. Milwaukee rap has characterized itself with one word: "fun." From catchy danceable tracks to some hilarious samples, artists from Wisconsin's premiere city seem to be captivating audiences. JP is quintessential Milwaukee. From his extremely catchy bars to his infectious energy, it should come as no surprise that "Bad Bitty" is one of the most viral tracks on the internet right now. He's become an internet meme, but he still gets talked about with reverence. If there was ever a song to reach "Song of the Summer" status in the middle of the Spring, it would be this one.

feardorian - "highschool"

FearDorian recently put out his debut album and it is getting some critical praise. There is very good reason for this. The Surf Gang collaborator has been making waves with a plethora of incredible tracks and beats that will make you feel like you are on a cloud. Overall, the artist is also a proficient MC who just makes you excited about the way they deliver their tracks. Not to mention, the artist has consistently taken risks with samples. For instance, Amy Winehouse has found her way onto some of FearDorian's releases. It just goes to show that artists associated with the Milwaukee scene are making some of the most unique music in the United States.

Papo2oo4 - "Had To Ball"

Popo2oo4 is an artist who has been around for a while at this point. Overall, the New York MC has a unique delivery and style that will make you nostalgic for the early to mid-2000s. Even the visual for "Had 2 Ball" is a great example of this. While rapping in front of rims, YouTube commenters are reminded of the Midnight Club video games. However, even the style and beat selections will make you think of those same visual aesthetics. Nostalgia is a very powerful tool in terms of connecting with your audience, and Papo certainly has that in droves.

JaeyBxrd - "Cut Me Open"

JaeyBxrd is an artist who has been bubbling thanks to his unique ability to blend genres. Overall, there have always been artists who try to mix genres. However, JaeyBxrd does it in a way that makes you relive the glory days of early 2000s Post Grunge, and late 2010s SoundCloud rap. He's one part Juice WRLD and another part Breaking Benjamin. It makes for a great mix of sounds, even if the music reviewer "intelligencia" might scoff at his mere existence. With the song "Cut Me Open," JaeyBxrd makes an impact that will make you want to go back and play those PlayStation 2 era MX vs. ATV games. It's a very specific reference, but when you listen to his music, you will understand.


SVDP is a Toronto artist who has been working with plenty of other staples of the Canadian music scene. For instance, the artist recently collaborated with Backxwash and the producer LA+CH. In fact, SVDP got to link up with LA+CH on the track "WHIZTLA" which is an off-kilter banger. The song weaves in and out of calmer and sped-up flows, creating perfect contrasts from start to finish. Meanwhile, the production helps take the song to a new level. Overall, this is a song that you need to check out right now. Additionally, it should urge you to check out other artists within Canada, who are pushing boundaries in their field.

Let us know which of these songs was your favorite, in the comments section down below.

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