Monica Sets The Record Straight And Responds To Ray J's Tour Remarks

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Monica is setting the record straight.

In the midst of speculation and chatter surrounding a potential tour involving Monica and Brandy, Monica has stepped forward to address the public discourse. Particularly in response to remarks made by Ray J. Taking to Instagram, Monica delivered a direct message to Ray J. She told him to stop speaking on her in public. The saga began when Ray J publicly advocated for a joint tour featuring Monica and Brandy. However, Monica took issue with the manner in which her name was being talked about in the media without any formal discussions or contracts being presented to her. "Ray J – I’m kindly asking you to stop speaking on me in public!" Monica wrote on IG. "A private conversation would be both necessary and respectful! Brandy is a LEGEND! She’s one of one with an extensive catalog that I deeply respect and a voice sent from heaven!"

"Please allow this to remain positive and beautiful!" She continued. "Neither should open, we should give someone else that opportunity and co-headline a massive shared stage if this is to ever happen! Any further convo should be private,” she relayed. "I’ve been repeatedly contacted about interviews where my name and tour possibilities are being discussed. I’ve not received any contracts or calls about said tour," Monica clarified in her Instagram post, setting the record straight on her involvement in the purported tour. In her message to Ray J, Monica emphasized the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect in handling such matters, particularly when it involves esteemed colleagues like Brandy.

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Monica Sets The Record Straight

Moreover, Ray J took to Instagram recently during one of Monica’s live sessions to spew the idea that Brandy and Monica should embark on a tour. However, her response serves as a reminder of the significance of clear communication and mutual respect in the entertainment industry. As two accomplished artists with extensive catalogs and a shared history, Monica and Brandy deserve to have their voices heard and their wishes respected. Furthermore, Monica's call for positivity and unity in navigating the situation reflects her commitment to fostering a harmonious working environment and ensuring that the focus remains on celebrating the artistry and talent of all involved.

Moreover, in her statement, she highlighted Brandy's legendary status and the need for any further discussions regarding the tour to take place in private. Out of respect for both artists. Furthermore, as the dialogue continues, Monica's stance serves as a beacon of integrity and professionalism. Monica's message resonates as a testament to the power of communication and collaboration in fostering understanding and unity within the music industry. What do you think of this news? Do you think Monica and Brandy should go on tour?

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