Lil Scrappy Claims Bambi Benson's Behavior Was So Egregious His Therapist Said People Wouldn't Believe It

Scrappy's therapist told the rapper he was better off not exposing his ex-wife.

BYBen Mock
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2022 R&B/Hip-Hop Awards

Lil Scrappy has put his ex-wife Bambi Benson on blast. The rapper and reality star claimed that Bambi's behavior was so egregious that his therapist actively discouraged him from speaking on her. "They told me not to tell y'all. They said don't tell nobody because nobody will understand. Because the person would not act like that in front of others," Scrappy said.

Of course, this is not the first time that Scrappy has taken shots at Bambi. Last month, Scrappy shot back at online rumors that Bambi is actually his cousin. "Don't come over here with that. She is baby mama number two to me," Scrappy said while livestreaming while eating out at a restaurant. The only thing I'm connected to with her is my kids. I love my babies, y'all know that. That's the only thing we can talk about," Scrappy explained on the stream. Scrappy responded to the comments that he had seen online. He was not directly asked about the claims during his livestream. However, some people did ask if he had seen people talking about it.

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Lil Scrappy Says He's "Always Been In Love" With Erica Dixon

Lil Scrappy said in a recent interview that he has "always been in love" with Erica Dixon, even when seeing other people. The rapper and reality star was not spared the wrath of the internet for this declaration of love, however. "Iā€™m so in love with you I got married and had 3 kids instead of working on myself and becoming the man that you needed, got it šŸ˜‚," one person said. "This is so cruel fr. He married a woman but was in love with another woman the whole time? He could have just played the field until she was ready to reciprocate. As a woman I would feel so bad if my bd told me that he still was in love with me after marrying a woman and giving her 3 kids, I would be so disgusted with him," added another.

Rumors of a reunion between the two have swirled since at least Thanksgiving. Of course, the pair already share one child as a result of their decade-plus involvement with one another. However, Dixon has made it clear that her focus at the moment is finding a successful model of co-parenting with Scrappy.

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