Mo'Nique Recalls Encouraging Taraji P. Henson To Speak Up For Herself On "Club Shay Shay"

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4th Annual BET Awards - Media Room
Mo'Nique during 4th Annual BET Awards - Media Room at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage for BET Network)
"When I saw Taraji broken on those platforms it was painful to watch," Mo'Nique says.

Mo'Nique's eagerly anticipated Club Shay Shay episode finally arrived today, and the interview appears to have lived up to the hype. Countless supporters were hoping to hear her weigh in on Taraji P. Henson's comments about working on The Color Purple, and she delivered. Hesnon raised concerns about how she and her castmates were treated on set, which sparked a larger discussion about how Black women are treated in the entertainment industry. Many noted that Mo'Nique tried to bring attention to these issues years ago. Unfortunately, however, her message didn't reach nearly as many ears.

According to Mo'Nique, this is because people aren't as willing to listen to her. As she puts it, she's often expected to take what she can get as a plus-sized Black woman. She also notes that she's called out Black icons by name previously, which others in the community haven't appreciated. Mo'Nique says the fact that she wasn't heard out when she brought attention to these issues is the reason that they happen time and time again.

Mo'Nique Says She Was Ignored Because She Called Out Black Icons By Name

"When I saw Taraji broken on those platforms it was painful to watch," she begins in a clip. "However, Taraji and I had a conversation over a decade ago in my trailer when I was doing The Mo'Nique Show. She said, 'You know you've got to keep on going until your turn comes.' And I said, 'Taraji, most of us die before our turn comes. We've got to ask for it right now.' Now, I understand that because there was a time when I felt the same way. Because that's what I was told... 'We'll get 'em the next time,' and the next time never comes."

What do you think of Mo'Nique's take on Taraji P. Henson's complaints about working on The Color Purple? Do you agree with her? What about her appearance on Club Shay Shay? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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