Icewear Vezzo Essentials: 5 Songs You Need To Stream Right Now

The Detroit rapper’s unmistakable flow has earned him high praise.

BYDemi Phillips
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Icewear Vezzo is a certified hitmaker with a truckload of impressive songs under his belt. With groundwork going as far back as the late ‘10s, he's part of the major wave of Detroit Hip Hop artists bringing Michigan to the charts. From his debut mixtape, The Clarity, until now, he has managed to carve a niche for his flows and has collaborated with several notable names. Moreover, he brings the heat every time with gritty, aggressive Michigan-style lyrics, coupled with a fast tempo and punchy baseline.

Icewear Vezzo is signed to Atlanta’s Quality Control Music label. As a result, this has helped him propel deeper into the mainstream. Nonetheless, he has continued to maintain his core, dedicated fanbase. Want to get a closer look at Icewear Vezzo’s songs you must add to your playlist? Then the following list is the way to go.

“Champions” With Babyface Ray

One of the smoothest songs of 2019, Icewear Vezzo and Babyface Ray engage in a friendly rivalry on "Champions." Despite their collaboration, there's a subtle competition as they exchange verses, almost in a bid to outshine the other. While Babyface Ray's lines are somewhat arrogant, he remains casual and confident. Icewear Vezzo, on the other hand, brings vigor to the battle, issuing precise threats, and once again referencing his heavy dollar stash. The dynamic exchange in their verses showcases a playful competition, adding a lively touch to their musical collaboration.

4. “Sippin” With Babyface Ray

“Sippin” is definitely one of the songs to better understand Icewear Vezzo and growing up in the Michigan area. In the song, he takes a deep look into his earlier years, referencing the roles he had to play over a smooth Three 6 Mafia sample. Also featuring Babyface Ray, the selling point of this song is the lyricism. It is reflective, yet deliberate. Furthermore, in his reflections, he paints a vivid picture of his upbringing in Section 8 housing. By emphasizing how his surroundings played a role in shaping the person he is now, Icewear Vezzo showcases vulnerability, not often seen in his other songs.

3. “Mudd Baby”

In "Mudd Baby," Icewear Vezzo opens up about the complexities of street life and the high-stakes hustle lifestyle he leads. He also reserves a few choice words for "plagiarists"-- his term for the disloyal, and those who may want to question his authenticity. The confident lyrics are built on a pumped-up yet simple old-school beat, sure to get anyone up and ready to go. “Mudd Baby” has since garnered over 11 million streams on Spotify, making it one of Icewear Vezzo’s most popular songs to date.

2. “Know The Difference” ft. Lil Baby

Want to catch Icewear Vezzo go bar-for-bar with one of the biggest names in contemporary Hip Hop? Check out “Know The Difference,” featuring none other than Lil Baby. While Baby kicks things off the song with an impressive performance, Icewear Vezzo switches up the entire flow of the song. He touches on several topics across the song: his relationships, trust, loyalty, and hard work. With 17 million Spotify streams and over 9 million Youtube views, “Know the Difference” is an Icewear Vezzo essential.

 1. “Up The Sco’” ft. Lil Durk

“Up The Sco’” is one of the songs that give you a glimpse into the life of Icewear Vezzo. The track also features Chicago native, Lil Durk, offering a combination of the aesthetics of both areas.  Icewear Vezzo gets vulnerable on this track, and it adds to the overall appeal of the song. He starts by telling the story of his rise to fame, his humble roots, and his determination to surpass his rivals. Although he’s happier now, he’s still hustling and struggling in his way. 

Icewear Vezzo also raps about his struggle with addiction to lean and molly in the song. He then pays tribute to the late rapper Speaker Knockerz, who died under the influence. Altogether, “Up The Sco’” is the most commercially successful of Icewear Vezzo’s songs, and for good reason. It currently has about 29 million views on YouTube and is also one of his most streamed songs on Apple Music and Spotify.

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