Too Short Speaks On TikTok Music And Embracing The New Age Sound

"It's the new world, I love it."

BYTallie Spencer
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In a world dominated by viral trends and short-lived attention spans, TikTok has become a powerhouse for shaping the music industry. Pioneering artists, both established and emerging, have had to navigate this new digital landscape. Hip-hop legend Too Short, known for his influential career, shared his thoughts on the TikTok phenomenon and its impact on the evolving music scene. Too Short acknowledges that TikTok has ushered in a new era, marked by its distinct influence on music trends.

During a Grammys week event "The Labels Brunch," hosted by UPROXX and Velcro Records, HotNewHipHop had the opportunity to connect with TooShort on the carpet. In the recent interview, he expressed his enthusiasm for the TikTok platform, stating, "It's the new world, I love it." This sentiment encapsulates the veteran artist's ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the music industry. One notable aspect that he highlights is the overwhelming influence of influencers on TikTok. The platform has given rise to a generation of content creators who hold considerable sway over music trends and popular culture. While Too Short admits he may not be fully immersed in identifying the latest TikTok sensations, he appreciates the power of influencer-driven content.

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Too Short Speaks On TikTok

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 09: Too Short attends the 50th Anniversary Of Hip-Hop party on September 09, 2023 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Acknowledging that he is on a learning curve to decipher who's currently popular on TikTok, Too Short emphasizes his love for networking and collaboration. For an artist of his stature, embracing the digital age means staying connected with emerging talents and adapting to the evolving landscape. Too Short's openness to collaboration reflects a willingness to explore new avenues and contribute to the ever-expanding musical conversation. Too Short's pragmatic approach to the changing industry landscape is encapsulated in his advice: "But if popularity is making you money, get popular. Whatever it is, get your money on that’s what I say."

In an era where visibility and trends often translate into financial success, Too Short's perspective emphasizes the importance of adaptability and seizing opportunities. Overall, the hip-hop icon concludes with a sentiment that echoes support for the artists and creators he aligns with. Despite the shifts in the industry, the "Burn Rubber" rapper remains committed to collaboration and fostering connections with those whose artistic visions resonate with his own. In essence, Too Short's take on TikTok music reflects a seasoned artist's ability to navigate and appreciate the ever-changing currents of the music industry. His openness to new trends, collaboration, and financial success showcases a pragmatic yet creative approach to staying relevant in a landscape dominated by the fast-paced rhythms of TikTok.

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