Young Miko, Ayooli, untiljapan, Cool Company, & Ghais Guevara: Five Artists You Need To Check Out Right Now

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Artists To Check Out
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These are five artists that need to get into your rotations.

Overall, there are a ton of amazing artists making music right now. However, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to keep tabs on every single sub-genre, especially within rap and r&b. Whether it be burgeoning local superstars or small acts with big ambitions, there is no shortage of incredible art right now. Due to the overwhelming nature of music discovery, we have attempted to make things a bit simpler. Below, you can find five artist that you need to be keeping tabs on.

Young Miko - BZRP Music Sessions #58

If you are from Puerto Rico, then you probably already know who Young Miko is. She is an incredible young artist who can rap and sing like no one else. During her recent BZRP Music Session, she got to show off just how versatile she really is. From the stylish vocals on the hook to the blistering transition that showcases her rap skills, Miko is talented like no one else. Furthermore, her charisma is very much apparent, and we can only imagine where else she will go from here on out. For those who want to get into the Puerto Rican scene, Miko is a great start.

Cool Company - Know It's Real

Secondly, we have Cool Company who delivered a gorgeous ballad with "Know It's Real." They have a new album out called Know Better and it is absolutely worth a listen. This duo knows how to craft songs and their visuals are also second to none. Gorgeous vocal melodies are mixed with melancholic guitars for a r&b and pop crossovers that are going to bless your ears. Overall, this is the perfect group to get into if you are a real yearner.

Ayoolii - Uncle Sam

Subsequently, we have Milwaukee sensation Ayoolii. In case you haven't noticed, Milwaukee rap is having a huge moment. Numerous artists are blowing up right now and Ayoolii is one of them. He produces and raps, which makes him a hot commodity in the city. With his song "Uncle Sam," Ayoolii shows off an immense amount of personality. Not to mention, the production is wavy as hell, and you can't help but love the delivery. The Milwaukee movement is a lot of fun, and Ayoolii serves as a great representative.

Ghais Guevara - Flowers

Ghais Guevara is an underground artist out of Philadelphia who is gaining quite a bit of traction online. Overall, he is someone who has captured the attention of fans and his peers thanks to his clever raps about socioeconomic and geopolitical issues. Furthermore, his production style is absolutely off-the-wall insane. His use of vocal samples is a mixture of electronic legend Burial and JPEGMAFIA. Moreover, his flow is infectious and he knows how to grab your attention from the first bar onward.

untiljapan - Good Comme

untiljapan is an artist that emphasizes their visuals and is content with being a quasi-anonymous figure. Regardless, their music sounds amazing. On the track "Good Comme," we get some melodic wind instrument samples with some uptempo drums that fit the sonic aesthetic perfectly. Meanwhile, untiljapan delivers autotuned vocals that are mumbled at times, leading to some unique results. Ultimately, if you want to hear something fresh, look no further than right here.

Let us know which of these tracks was your favorite, and stay tuned to HNHH for more new music.

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