Smiley's Illness Returns On "Baddies East"

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Scary moments are afoot for the Baddies crew.

As the Baddies East crew continues their adventures in Jamaica, a long-standing plotline from the season appears to have returned. Teased in last week's episode but focused on more in the episode released January 14, Smiley appears to suffer a seizure and is seen being placed into a wheelchair by medical personnel. The rest of the cast appear to be in shock, suggest that this is the main crux of tomorrow's episode.

However, Smiley's various issues over the season appear to be wearing on fans. However, not everyone was hyped by the preview. "Ain’t sh-t finna happen this episode fr they gone drag it till next week," one person complained. "Smiley lied abt her miscarriage, she lied about the seizure, she lied abt her play in you getting jumped lmao at some point say you just simply don’t like her and go 😭," added another. "Wasn’t Rollie the main one taking about Smiley fighting Mariah because she’s tiny. Now she’s fighting Mariah. 💆🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️," noted a third. Despite this, fans will have to tune into Sunday's episode to see what really goes down in Jamaica.

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Baddies East Fans Want Rollie Off The Show

However, the show's drama isn't only limited to the weekly episodes. A fan petition has emerged online, demanding the removal of cast member Rollie Pollie. Rollie is a divisive figure, known for her no-holds-barred attitude during physical confrontations with other cast members. At the time of writing, the petition has been signed over 80,000. With nearly 55,000 signatures on January 6 alone, it's likely that fans were spurred by the latest episode trailer.

An earlier petition, that only received around 400 signatures, gave some fan reasoning as to why Rollie should be removed. The petition creator accuses Rollie of "consistently engaging in bullying behavior and acting with an air of superiority that is damaging to the community spirit." The Zeus Network, on which Baddies airs, is yet to address the now-viral petition.

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