Jay-Z Said His 6th Grade Teacher Was Amazed By His Exceptional Reading Abilities

Jay-Z delves into his childhood in a new interview with Gayle King.

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As anticipation builds for Jay-Z's upcoming CBS interview with Gayle King, a new teaser clip has provided a glimpse into the rapper's early years. Specifically, a clip that teases the interview dropped today and it highlighted a few different topics. The clip discussed Jay-Z being proud of the way that he was able to read at a 12th grade level in 6th grade. He said it was his sixth-grade teacher, Miss Loudon, who played a pivotal role in helping shape his passion for achievement.

In the teaser, Jay-Z fondly recalls Miss Loudon, his sixth-grade teacher, and the impact she had on his academic development. "Miss Loudon was my sixth-grade teacher. In the sixth grade, I was readin’ on a 12th-grade level," he reminisced. The rapper goes on to express the excitement he felt about this achievement. He highlighted the positive reaction from those around him. "That excited me. ‘Cause everyone was excited. And Miss Loudon, she was excited. It felt like me riding my bike at 4, the way people reacted to that."

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Jay-Z Sits Down With Gayle King

The revelation offers a glimpse into the rapper's early education. And the profound influence of a teacher who recognized and nurtured his academic potential. Jay-Z's recollection emphasizes not only the joy he felt in achieving a high level of literacy. But also the contagious enthusiasm of Miss Loudon, who celebrated his accomplishment. The full “Jay-Z and Gayle King: Brooklyn’s Own” is now available on CBS, and highlights his three-decade career at his Book of HOV exhibit.

This narrative that Jay-Z chose to share sheds light on the importance of dedicated educators who play a vital role in shaping the lives and futures of their students. Miss Loudon's excitement and encouragement clearly left a lasting impact on Jay-Z. This contributed to his sense of achievement and setting the stage for his future successes. The interview delves deeper into Jay-Z's experiences, offering viewers a more intimate understanding of the man behind the iconic music and entrepreneurial success. Let us know your thoughts on the full interview!

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