Minnesota native and Rhymesayers Entertainment rapper Brother Ali gave Sway In The Morning a visit Thursday. The socially conscious spitter performed his new track “Uncle Usi Taught Me” for the first time.

He also discussed issues of discrimination in the US. In his new song, the Muslim emcee talks about the problems he faced traveling to Iran. He performed “God Damn Uncle Sam” abroad not thinking anyone would know.

After facing death threats in there, Brother Ali waited three days at the airport to fly back to America. Back home, he told Sway Homeland Security interrogated him “like a terrorist” and confiscated all his money.

Brother Ali’s new album All the Beauty in This Whole Life is out May 5. He shared the tracklist a few days ago. Check out the interview below. “Uncle Usi Taught Me” starts around the 27:00 minute mark.

Brother Ali

Brother Ali Debuts "Uncle Usi Taught Me" & Talks About Discrimination