Royce Reed Claims Shaq Used To "Curse Her Out" For Ignoring Him While He Was Married To Shaunie

Reed is finally speaking out about everything she's been through.

BYBen Mock

Royce Reed has claimed that Shaq used to "curse her out" for ignoring him when he would hit her up, despite being married to Shaunie. Speaking with Carlos King, Reed explained how eventually, she came clean with Shaunie about everything that Shaq had said to her, showing her all the messages that Shaq had sent to her trying to find an in.

Shaq and Shaunie were married from 2002 to 2011, with Shaunie citing "irreconcilable differences" when filing the divorce that would be finalized in 2011. Shaq has repeatedly taken ownership of the divorce since it happened. In his own words, he made mistakes and was greedy. It's unknown if his pursuit of Reed was one of these "mistakes" that cost him his marriage.

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Shaq Reflects On Past Relationships

Earlier this year, Shaq opened up about the mistakes he had made in previous relationships. "I had two perfect women and I messed it up. My first one was my baby mother, Arnetta [Yardbourgh], and then I met Shaunie [Nelson]. Shaunie was also a perfect woman and I messed it up. Yeah, you know, we were young and always just doing dumb stuff. But, you know, the good thing about our relationship is that they forgave me and we have a good relationship now. But when you ask me about the perfect woman, I had two perfect women and I messed it up. Just by, you know, being dumb," Shaq said.

"I tell my sons all the time: 'A man has three jobs when it comes to a woman. Protect, provide, and love. Some men can only offer two, for whatever reason, but I'ma teach you how to offer all three.' And that's what I try to do. Even though I don't have a relationship with the women that I let get away, I will always PPL: protect, provide, and love. Whatever they need, they get it from me," he concluded. "Shaunie's married, I'm happy for her. I hope this gentleman treats her the way she's supposed to be treated, and I'ma still love her. She's still my wife, I will always protect, provide, and love for her, married or not. No, it's just how I was raised. You protect, you provide, and you love your woman," he continued.

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