Chaka Khan Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Celebrated By Sia, H.E.R., Common, And Jazmine Sullivan

Chaka Khan finally gets her flowers.

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Chaka Khan is a living legend. And now, she finally earned her rightful spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony was held at Brooklyn's Barclays Center was nothing short of a star-studded extravaganza. The event saw Common, H.E.R., Sia, and Jazmine Sullivan coming together to celebrate the iconic singer. Jazmine Sullivan had previously shared the stage with Chaka Khan for a performance of "I'm Every Woman" at the 2017 Essence Festival. She took the stage at the ceremony to deliver a heartfelt induction speech. Sullivan paid homage to Khan's extraordinary voice. Rolling Stone reported that Sullivan said, "That voice, as raw as it is sweet, as sensual as it is soulful, has guided us through good times and bad. Through meet-ups and breakups, through desire and despair, through hard times and higher love."

In a speech, Sullivan shared a moment of vulnerability. Sullivan told a personal anecdote about Khan reaching out to her mother when she was in remission from breast cancer. This compassionate gesture deeply touched Sullivan's family and solidified Khan's special place in their hearts. Sullivan also acknowledged Khan's remarkable 50-year career. She emphasized her unmatched artistry, timeless hits, and the lasting influence she has had on generations of artists. Sullivan made sure to emphasize the impact, especially women in the industry. While it's no secret that Khan has been skeptical of singers of this generation, calling them insecure, it's clear that she's formed a bond with a few up-and-coming artists.

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Chaka Khan Brings Out H.E.R.

The festivities of the night continued with a medley of Chaka Khan's greatest hits. In order to honor her, Common led the way with the first tribute and performed "I Feel for You." Next up, H.E.R. then took the spotlight, captivating the audience with interpretations of Rufus classics such as "Ain't Nobody" and "Sweet Thing." Sia, renowned for her unique style, brought the celebration to a close with a remarkable performance of Khan's iconic anthem, "I'm Every Woman." It seemed like an incredible evening that truly celebrated Khan's multiple Rock Hall finalist nominations over the years, officially inducting her into the esteemed Class of 2023.

Chaka Khan's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame not only recognizes her monumental contributions to the music industry but also celebrates her enduring legacy, profound influence, and timeless artistry. Her voice, often described as a combination of seductive fire and sweet smoke, catapulted her to stardom during her time with Rufus in the 1970s. Khan's presence represented the racial and social integration at the core of rock & roll during a time when musical genres were experiencing divisions. Congrats Chaka! Let us know how you feel about Chaka Khan finally getting her flowers, on HNHH.

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