Chaka Khan Talks This Generation's Singers: "Insecurity Is Present In These Girls"

She also says that auto-tune singers need to get a job at the Post Office, "quick."

BYErika Marie
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She had readily admitted that in this new generation of singers, there are plenty of standouts. However, Chaka Khan has also been equally as critical, and when Page Six recently caught up with her, she didn't hold back. The music legend's career has spanned decades as dozens of her releases have become classics that have been sampled far and wide. It isn't uncommon for Khan to be questioned about the current state of music, and this time, she had quite a bit to say about auto-tune.

According to the "Through the Fire" hitmaker, if you need auto-tune to sing, then you need to step away from the microphone and find new employment.

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“There is some great stuff out there and there are some great artists,” Khan told Page Six while at the Angel Ball. “There’s some very fine young artists out there doing great, great work that I am impressed with.”

Those were kind words, but the icon didn't stop there. “But the others, they just need to get them a job at the Post Office — they are always hiring! People are using auto-tune. They need to get to the Post Office quick.”

In 2020, Khan created a firestorm on social media after she said, "F*ck her," when asked about Ariana Grande. In a more recent critique of this generation of singers, Chaka senses as though they don't feel good about themselves.

“I feel very sad. It saddens me deeply that so much," she told Page Six. "Insecurity is present in these girls. They really need to know that they are the gold and that they really are precious.”

It isn't just Ariana Grande or auto-tune singers who received a tongue-lashing from the star; Kanye West has also endured Khan's ridicule as she has repeatedly denounced his early hit, "Through the Fire." The song famously sampled Khan's classic, but she didn't appreciate him speeding up her portion to Chipmunk Soul speeds.


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