Rubi Rose And N3on Interaction Sparks Rumors

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Wicked Featuring 21 Savage
ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 19: Rubi Rose performs onstage during Wicked Featuring 21 Savage at Forbes Arena at Morehouse College on October 19, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)
Is there a new couple in the works?

Rubi Rose and N3on briefly interacted on Twitter, sparking rumors that the two might be more than collaborators. "See you soon @N3onOnYT" Rose wrote on Twitter, with N3on replying "can't wait" followed by a heart emoji. Given N3on's recent relationship problem, people have speculated whether more is going on between the pair.

N3on is facing allegations that his girlfriend, Samantha Frank, cheated on him. However, N3on has fiercely defended Frank, saying he believes her when she says she didn't cheat on him. "Please have some respect. If u f-ck with me u will let me do what makes me happy. She genuinely makes me happy and keeps me going. Please let me live my life. I love y’all fr and appreciate y’all for caring about me so much. Best community in the world❤️," the streamer wrote on social media this week.

Crip Mac And Adin Ross Attack N3on's Girlfriend

However, some big name creators are going after N3on and his girlfriend. First there was Adin Ross. Ross has been very passionate in his attack on Frank. Ross' claims stem from allegations he heard about Frank at TwitchCon. The acolyte of Andrew Tate, went in hard on Frank last month. "This night, chat (September 29, 2023), and I want motherf-ckers to put it on god. I want people to really put it on god and tell me that she did not fly a guy out - she did not fly a guy out that night, in her hotel room, and sleep with him and f-ck. Okay? This is the craziest part! Talk about what you did at breakfast! You had breakfast with that guy and you tried putting it on somebody's tab! You had the audacity to eat breakfast with him, in front of everybody, and put it on somebody's tab! Yes, chat! Yes!" Ross said on stream.

Then there is Crip Mac. Mac went hard on N3on in his response to the streamer saying he believes his girlfriend, Samantha Frank. "You scrawny, peasant motherf-cker. How the hell are you going to tell me that you believe when she say she celibate? You ain't f-cking, but she let somebody else? Her coochie and assh-le open. N-gga get yourself together, hood. Or I'll have you 50-50 in that baby snaps alley. You a little scrawny scrawny boy. I'm not a bully, cuh. Imma have another youngun like firefly come beat your ass. Don't that sitch play you, hood. Block her number and never contact her again. She another snake. Can I keep it 55th street? Get it fivegether, N3on hood," Mac said.


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