IShowSpeed Goes After Cristiano Ronaldo Haters

Speed wants more respect put on Ronaldo's name after the Portguese player lost out on the Ballon D'Or.

BYBen Mock
Ballon d'Or Ceremony - Red Carpet Arrivals - Theatre du Chatelet

IShowSpeed has gone viral for his rabid defense of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. "Ronaldo has more money than you, more hoes, better clothes, better shoes, eats better, bigger house, more famous, more successful, taller, stronger, more attractive, better skin and is smarter," Speed wrote on Twitter after someone went after Ronaldo. The tweet that Speed was responding was reacting to Ronaldo's strained congratulations for Lionel Messi after the Argentine player won his eighth Ballon D'Or this week.

Ronaldo, once widely considered one of the greatest players in the world, is largely viewed as a shell of his former self. A second stint at Manchester United between 2021 and 2022 ended poorly for Ronaldo and he moved off to Saudi Arabia, where he likely see the final years of his career. Furthermore, Portugal once again fell short in the 2022 World Cup, losing to Morocco in the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Messi's Argentina would go on to win the entire tournament. Ronaldo is still yet to play in a World Cup Final. He has only reached the semifinals once, in his tournament debut in 2006.

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Speed Trolled By Ronald Death Hoax

Speed's love of Ronaldo has often been one of the streamer's biggest weaknesses. While streaming on August 31, Speed was alerted to the fact that "RIP CR7" was trending on social media. Speed became increasingly distressed as he scrolled through tweets that appeared to suggest that Ronaldo had died. He begins to beg his chat to drop the act and tell him that it's fake if it is. After counting down from ten and scrolling through Twitter some more, Speed ended the stream.

The comments on the reposted clips show that people are starting to tire of Speed's antics. "He gettin too old/famous to play along with it when his chat does that😭 this exact scenario has gone viral like 8 times since he’s blown up," one user noted. "Bro is just loud no lie," another added. However, many people also saw the clip as just the funniest thing in the world, while also feeling genuine sympathy for Speed. Again, Google is a very useful tool and should not be replaced by YouTube and stream chat. However, one user noted that this is all part of Speed's plan. "I mean it works💀 it keeps his young fanbase engaged lol, he could easily ignore it because obviously he knows its fake but he likes to play along. Same with the ishowmeat comments lol he acts like he hates them so more people engage.

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