IShowSpeed Unbanned By Twitch

Speed was removed from the platform two years ago.

BYBen Mock
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Stream IShowSpeed has officially been unbanned by Twitch. Speed's reaction was captured live on stream, with the Ohio native saying "N-gga, we are back. Let's go," repeatedly. Speed has streamed on YouTube since December 2021, after being permanently banned by Twitch. Despite not actually streaming on Twitch, Speed was banned by the platform following an appearance on an Adin Ross stream. Speed made a number of sexist remarks and even alluded to sexually assaulting a woman while appearing on Ross' dating show. Furthermore, Speed was a minor at the time of the incident.

The journey to get Speed unbanned by Twitch has been championed by the likes of Kai Cenat. Back in August, Cenat even went as far as threatening to leave Twitch for another platform if Speed was not unbanned. It's unclear if Cenat had anything to do with the abrupt return of Speed's account on October 10. Furthermore, it remains to be seen if Speed will utilize his Twitch account or if he will remain on YouTube. However, the return of his account means that he can now appear on streams hosted on Twitch. His permanent ban two years ago also forbid him from appearing on the streams of other creators.

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IShowSpeed Science Experiment Goes Wrong

However, it's not been exclusively positive headlines for Speed this month. Last week, Speed sparked concern amongst his viewers after an on-stream science experiment went wrong. Speed chose to conduct the "elephant's toothpaste" experiment in his home. The common science experiment, which involves mixing several chemicals together to create a rapidly expanding, thick, foamy substance, is not typically done indoors. This is due to the amount of heat and fumes the mixture can give off. However, Speed did it anyway and fans grew increasingly concerned as thick smoke filled the streamer's bedroom.

While some outlets have reported that Speed was hospitalized due to the incident, this does not appear to be the case. Slipz, Speed's cameraman, later confirmed to the audience that Speed was receiving oxygen from firefighters who had arrived at his house. “He was in here too long bro, he’s like struggling to breathe,” said his cameraman. “We’ve got fucking firefighters and shit outside trying to help him. I don’t know what’s happening.” However later, Speed's own account wrote “Speed is currently with the firefighters, they’re giving him oxygen so he can breathe, he should be fine guys" in his chat.

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